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Safety assessment for airside works at Orly Paris

Early 2022 Paris Airport (ADP) called upon the INGEROP - CGX AERO consortium in the context of planned works at Paris-Orly airport. The 2nd largest French platform with 30 million annual passengers (before COVID), the airport, with its 3 runways, has vast infrastructure that must be maintained in good condition and in compliance continuously.

CGX AERO's objective on this mission was to assist ADP in the execution of safety studies related to the works on 2 main maintenance sites: :

• Renovation of taxiway W1 and adjacent aircraft parking stands, scheduled from October 2022 to April 2023,

• Renovation of runway 02/20 and associated taxiways, scheduled from July 2023 to July 2024..

A visit to the platform by CGX AERO team enabled them to better understand the environment of the works, by improving their perception of the construction site areas and the impacted infrastructures.

The work then consisted of a study of the proposed phasing for each of the projects to define the adaptations and actions to be implemented to guarantee the compliance and safety of the worksites. In addition to the usual issues related to the execution of works on an airport, the specificities of the Orly platform must be considered: traffic flows, night-time operation, location of worksite facilities, etc. The aim was then to propose measures to reduce the risks inherent in the closure of two runways simultaneously or the closure of a taxiway, which can lead to problems of access to certain areas, risks of congestion, etc.

After the completion of the safety study for the 1st construction site in the summer of 2022, the CGX airports team continues to work on the 2nd safety study for the works on runway 02/20, which aims to be renovated before the start of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

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