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AIP-GIS Charting®

AIP-GIS Charting® screenshot


AIP-GIS Charting® screenshot

Recognizing the need for procedure designers to rapidly create data driven charts (SID, STAR, IAC, etc.) from newly designed procedures, CGX AERO has developed an extension of Data4Flight® called Chart4Flight® that enables production of charts (SID, STAR, IAC and Engine-out SID), fully compliant to the ICAO Annex 14 regulation for symbology, layout, etc. This extension allows procedure designers to quickly create “Project Charts” using the Data4Flight® database in which aeronautical data can be imported from a variety of sources (GéoTITAN® xml, AIXM 4.5 or AIXM 5.1, ARINC 424 or 816 files...) or manually created using the core tools of Data4Flight®.

AIP-GIS Charting® is a software application for Aeronautical Charting allowing editing, update, and publication of Civil/Military charts, in compliance with ICAO Annex 4.

AIP-GIS Charting® main features: 

  • Advanced chart production:

    • Built on ArcGIS, the world leading GIS software by ESRI,

    • Direct link to AIXM central database,

    • Preserves data integrity.

  • Cartographic data tools:

    • Chart Temporality management,

    • Cartographic feature creation,

    • Data driven elements (Off view trajectory, Profile View, Dynamic tables…).

  • Product Management:

    • Comprehensive Charts and Templates document management,

    • Robust symbol library,

    • Advanced labeling,

    • Rule based symbol and text generation.

  • Quality control:

    • Automatic identification of changed features and Impacted charts,

    • Report generation,

    • Workflow Management.

  • Templates:

    • Pre-configured ICAO Annex 4 templates,

    • Customizable for cartographer specific requirements.

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