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AIM4Flight® is a web platform providing a set of centralised services for the different actors of the production, verification, publication and consumption of aeronautical information. These services enable:

  • The fusion of all the data sets required for the publication of aeronautical information, including geographical data sets.

  • The centralisation of all the data exchanges, with a complete traceability through the implementation of automatic workflows and business rules.

  • The implementation of automatic means for verification and validation of data, ensuring data quality compliance to documents ICAO Annex 14 and ICAO Annex 15, as well as document ADQ.

  • The centralisation of all the data publication and distribution means.

AIM4Flight® is able to interconnect the other components of CGX AERO in order to build a multi-user data production chain:

  • GeoTITAN® for flight procedure design

  • Data4Flight® for:

    • aeronautical information edition, validation and publication

    • interoperability, in particular for import and export capabilities as well as connection with external systems or databases (e.g. EAD – the European Aeronautical Database)

  • AIP-GIS Charting® for aeronautical charts production.

The connection to these components can be customised to fit the customer needs.

AIM4Flight® ensures a complete traceability of all the operations performed on data thanks to customised workflows, which ensures having the necessary steps performed by the appropriate users. Users are managed through dedicated web interfaces, with the notion of profiles and roles. All along the workflows, notifications are managed automatically, as well as potential encountered errors, in particular errors raised after data verification checks.

AIM4Flight® main features:

  • Centralized AIXM 5.1 extended database

  • ISO 19139:2007 metadata implementation

  • Adapted workflows with custom business rules and user profiles management

  • Integrated dashboard for actions follow-up

  • Traceability of all the actions performed on the aeronautical database

  • Notification management

  • Interoperability with other CGX applications and Thales Topsky®

  • Interoperability with standards and external systems:

    • AIXM 4.5 and 5.1

    • ARINC 424

    • ARINC 816

    • EAD

  • Compliant with (EU) N°73/2010 (Aeronautical Data Quality, ADQ)

Screenshot AIM4Flight(r)
Screenshot AIM4Flight(r)
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