Data4Flight® Obstacle Assessment extension is a solution dedicated to the analysis of existing and future obstacles and the need of assessing the impact within airport building restricted areas. Data4Flight® Obstacle Assessment extension uses the information contained in the central AIXM database in order to automatically create surfaces described in ICAO annex 14, 15, and ICAO EUR DOC 015. The system analyses obstacles and terrain impacts on these surfaces and automatically generates reports and statistics.
The module is built on top of Data4Flight®. It takes advantage of all embedded capabilities such as database access, aeronautical data formats (AIXM4.5, AIXM5.1, ARINC424, ARINC816) interoperability, GIS basic functionalities (layer management and symbology) and geographical data formats compliance.

eMAPS aims at providing national AIS / AIM departments with a powerful web platform allowing to efficiently evaluate, record then exploit obstacles-related information, in order to assess their impact on the air navigation,according to ICAO Annex 15 and its regional specifications (such as EUROCONTROL in Europe).

eMAPS main features:

  • 24/7 online service,

  • Compliance to regulatory requirements (ICAO, ADQ),

  • Management and follow-up of all the obstacles lifecycle,

  • Information centralized and shared between different stakeholders,

  • Customization of each user profile’s access,

  • Customer service and operational efficiency,

  • Safety,

  • Easy customization to a specific business workflow that ensures the data traceability all along obstacles’ life cycle.

Data4Flight® Obstacles Assessment