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CGX AERO Air Navigation Services team offers turnkey solutions  to its customers for implementing partial or complete Aeronautical Information Management (AIM).
From Data Collection to Charting and Publication, through Data Digitalization and Instrument Flight Procedure Design (IFPD), CGX AERO can adapt its consultancy based on customer request and needs.





CGX AERO provides  a wide range of data collection campaigns, from tailored obstacle to full electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data (eTOD) surveys.  Utilizing various acquisition methods such as ground survey, LiDAR, and photogrammetry, along with different types of vectors including aircraft, UAV, and satellite, CGX AERO ensures adapted survey methodology to meet specific project requirements.


Additionally, CGX AERO offers associated training to its customers, sharing state-of-the-art best practices and experience feedback for aeronautical-specific requirements and continuous regulation compliance.


Beyond the necessary need  for continuous data updates and refreshes, most AIM operators face issues in data validation and data digitalization. Which methodology? Which format?

CGX AERO provides data validation consultancy and data digitalization services, leveraging software developed within the company. With expertise in aviation GIS (Geographic Information System), CGX AERO transforms any georeferenced data into AIXM4.5 or 5.1 compliant datasets and aviation mapping.
In addition to the AIXM format, CGX AERO can provide industry-standard formats like ARINC816 and ARINC424 data, accommodating any AIM system integration and standards.



Airport accessibility is a fundamental parameter, and IFP development can support this target by providing safe, adapted and optimized Decision Altitudes to airspace users.


CGX AERO ‘expert Instrument Flight Procedure designers can assist airports, airlines or ANSP in  implementing or maintaining their trajectories, offering a range of services including :

  • Aeronautical studies (impact of new obstacle, gain study on trajectories etc.),

  • Pre-studies / Impact studies (RWY extension interest and impact, impact of new structure construction on the airport etc.),

  • GPS-based procedures: RNAV procedures, RNP procedures, RNP-AR procedures,

  • Conventional procedures: NDB approaches, VOR approaches, ILS (Instrument Landing System) approaches

  • Standard Instrument Departure (SID) and Standard Terminal Arrival Route (STAR) trajectories from each type (CONV & PBN)

  • Both Non-Precision approaches and Precision approaches

  • Wind Power Industry (determination of optimal area of wind farm installation and maximal available height for the wind turbines).

Considered the final summary of aeronautical information, chart production and publication are essential steps before operations. They are usually required to present all the information created by previous actors in a smooth and user-friendly layout. As a key point for crew awareness and a living expression of the airport, charts are indispensable in aviation operations.

CGX AERO provides charting consultancy for all its IFP implementations but can also act as a complete AIM office. All charting services provided by CGX AERO are based first on charting standards and regulations, as well as on GIS applications. Our expert aeronautical cartographers can also support charting software migration by assisting the customer’s team in handling workload peaks and converting a full AIP into the new charting policy.

CGX AERO offers its customers a wide range of aeronautical charts, including :

  • Airport charts,

  • Obstacles charts,

  • Navigation Charts,

  • Enroute charts,

  • IFR (Instrument Flight rules) charts,

VFR (Visual Flight Rules) charts.


To meet the needs of airport operators regarding flight procedure maintenance, CGX AERO offers tailored support contracts to maintain and assess published flight procedures,  ensuring they remain safe and compliant with operational standards.  We assist airport operators in addressing ICAO and EASA regulatory requirements, including annual procedure assessments, reviews, and impact analysis of potential environment changes such as obstacles and infrastructures developments.

Our approach is focused on objective-based engagement, offering flexible activities and responsive solutions. This collaboration with CGX AERO provides you with:

  • A multidisciplinary design office at your side,

  • Assured regulatory compliance,

  • A controlled pluri-annual budget,

  • The reactivity of a SME.

Access the right expertise at a competitive price and within the committed timeframe.

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