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Welcome ! 

Positioned in the field of geographical and aeronautical information management, CGX AERO offers consistent products and services embracing the dynamics of global issues for air transport with sustainable development and operational efficiency emphasis. 

This business domain has been our core activity for the past 25 years. We support our clients with strength and commitment providing them with the results and innovation of our research and development activities. 

Beyond professional services and accompanying expertise, we focus our unique ability to integrate aeronautical and geographic software solutions with added value leveraging the flexibility of a small company supported by a strong capital structure. 

CGX AERO has strong national and international references providing services and solutions in over 55 countries*. 

Thanks to its growing infrastructure (specialized data center), its multi-disciplinary teams, strategic and technical partnerships, CGX AERO owns all of the means to assist you on a long term basis in a spirit of open-mindedness and technical curiosity as well as on a cultural and human basis to meet your needs for services and expert software solutions. 

Finally, CGX AERO is also a human story, written in 1996 by passionate men and women whose professional life is driven by innovation and commitment to grow alongside you to make security, safety and sustainable development in the world of air transport a reality. 



Since 1996, CGX AERO designs, develops and provides business solutions that aim at enhancing the native functionalities of major geographic information systems for aerospace. 
In 25 years, we have been developing and consolidating a unique offer for services and expert business solutions. Our team, now spread over two sites to be closer to our business activities and serve our customers, represent more than 70 employees and bring together an affiliated experts network. 
With headquarters located in Castres and offices in Toulouse, CGX AERO conducts projects either directly or through strong partnerships with ENAC (French National School of Civil Aviation), France Aviation Civile Services, THALES, Airbus Defense & Space, Aircraft Manufacturers, GIS Editors and Airports Operators.

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