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CGX AERO main objective is to successfully carry out projects to ensure operational system installation and enable its customers to achieve AIS-to-AIM transition. To do so, CGX AERO offers its customers support and maintenance services to ensure continuous assistance to its customers all along the project lifecycle.
One year of initial warranty is automatically included when CGX AERO delivers and installs software systems. During warranty period, CGX AERO undertakes to supply the license user with updates and corrective maintenance in order to take into consideration any issue encountered with the use of the solution, provided that such problem meets some specific criteria. Hotline service is available for users to report and solve encountered problems.





CGX AERO assists its customers for the data migration activities and data integration of a former system or in the context of the AIS to AIM transition. Based on a flexible and multiformat integration platform, CGX AERO can quickly convert any available digital data to AIM compliant datasets and integrate them in the new AIM database.
In parallel, for non-digital data, CGX AERO can conduct complementary digitalization based on paper documents.
Beyond the simple recopy of source information, CGX AERO provides expert analysis on the existing dataset as well as cross-check and data comparison between customer source and external data. A dedicated data validation report is generated and mitigation means can be proposed in order to cover the gap against the ICAO Annex 15 and Doc 10066 (PANS-AIM) requirements.

CGX AERO is careful to support, assist and train its customers in the use of their system. For more detailed information on CGX AERO training services, please refer to Training page.

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