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PAOLA: A new platform for wind operators launched by CGX AERO

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

You were waiting for it ...

With impatience ...

Here is our latest one that we wanted to introduce to you:

The aeronautical world is full of anglicisms, so PAOLA stands for Protection Area & Obstacle Limitation Assessment.

Once again, a big thank you to our beta testers for giving us excellent ideas for improvements and for having been able to identify the weaknesses of this first platform.

PAOLA will be officially available on January 1st but registration is already open for early birds! !

PAOLA proposes:

  • annual subscription and access by administrative region

  • an update of the aeronautical data at each AIRAC cycle

  • a content supplied and validated by our experts

PAOLA starts with:

  • MSAs

  • TAAs

  • waiting circuits

  • AMSR

PAOLA will evolve over time and will propose new contents:

  • approach paths

  • maximum available altitudes

  • departure trajectories

PAOLA is waiting for you!

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