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Implementation of Aeronautical Information Management System for CROATIA CONTROL

The CGX AERO part of the Supply and installation of Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) System for Croatia Control (CCL) project, carried out in partnership with Thales, is now in the final phase. Indeed, the first part of the system provided by CGX AERO successfully passed the SAT (Site Acceptance Test) last June.

This first part of the CGX AERO system concerns the data origination and workflow, including the AIM4Flight® and Data4Flight® software with the associated central aeronautical database. This system allows the management and origination of aeronautical data both by internal CCL users and external through the AIM4Flight® web platform and specific data forms, covering the whole life cycle management of data monitoring including request for change, verification, and validation operations with a complete traceability, compliant with Eurocontrol Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ) regulation.

Moreover, this system is connected to the new version of the Eurocontrol database EAD (European AIS Database) which will allow CCL to migrate their aeronautical data from the previous version (SDO) to this new one (SDD). Precisely, the transition test phase between CCL and Eurocontrol preceding this data migration phase has just begun.

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