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Emergency support at Montpellier airport

CGX AERO's commitment also means responding to customer emergencies and assisting them at short notice in bringing their infrastructures into conformity in the event of unforeseen circumstances, as was the case last September, following the runway overrun of a B737-400 cargo aircraft at Montpellier-Méditerranée Airport on Saturday 24 September at 2:36 a.m., which forced the platform to suspend traffic until Monday 26 September at 1:46 p.m..

The aircraft which ended up in the pond Etang de l'Or was removed from the pond on Monday morning, however the damage caused by this runway overrun (ruts in the runway strip, partial destruction of the perimeter fence, partial destruction of the separation embankment with the pond) and by the lifting operations (creation of an access road as the natural ground was too soft to allow access to the 300T and 450T cranes)

forced the airport to reopen with the implementation of operational limitations. This partial reopening in a degraded mode had to be as short as possible with the obvious objective of returning to normal as soon as possible.

This is why CGX AERO was asked to provide emergency support late on Monday 26 September. A team of 2 experts was dispatched on Tuesday morning to assist the airport in:

• the preparation of the safety and compliance analysis relating to the planned rehabilitation work to be approved by the DSAC,

• exchanges with the DSAC,

• monitoring the work,

• the return to nominal operating conditions without restrictions on Thursday 29 September in the middle of the day.

An unusual mission for CGX AERO but very intense and professionally rewarding!

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