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Contract signature with SCAA: eTOD implementation project

[✍️ 🇸🇩🇫🇷 Contract signature] We were honoured to be in #Khartoum last week to sign the Contract with the Sudan Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) and launch the #eTOD implementation project, Electronic Terrain #Obstacle#Data, with our partner France Aviation Civile Services, and the representative of the #Frenchambassador.

Our role will be to deploy #centralised and #automated web-based system and build #digital management environment of #obstacles, #flight #procedure design and #eTOD datasets.

The eTOD project is a continuation of a long-term collaboration with SCAA over the years 🤝

  • 2012 : AIM roadmap

  • 2017 : Airspace design and optimization

  • 2019 : Software maintenance and support program

Many thanks to Sudan Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) for their trust and loyalty. We are ready to face challenges and meet great objectives together towards safer #aviation 🦺 ✈️

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