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AVINOR AS updates its Flight Procedure Design and Charting System

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

It is our great pleasure to announce the successful achievement of all the testing phases of the upgrade of AVINOR AS Flight Procedure Design and Charting system in June 2021.

Very special thanks to all AVINOR AS team who have demonstrated an agile and flexible approach to keep the project going-on despite the COVID restrictions and impact on all actors.

Following a fruitful 10-year period of operations and support of the AIXM 4.5 based system, CGX AERO has successfully delivered the latest versions of GéoTITAN® and AIP-GIS Charting® solutions including a centralized design database managed by Data4Flight® early June 2021.

In addition of a compliance with ADQ (Aeronautical Data Quality) regulation, the provided architecture, implemented by CGX AERO team, provides integrated, standard-based and interoperable components with the WIZARD System developed by Avitech for the Aeronautical information publication.

This deployment was the opportunity to execute a smooth upgrade and migration of AVINOR's existing charting and procedure design components from AIXM 4.5 to AIXM 5.1.

CGX AERO have been delivering active support to define the system upgrade steps, starting with proof of concepts of possible implementation alternatives and effective support in the initialization and customization of the workflow and components to meet AVINOR AS team needs on the one hand and ICAO and Eurocontrol regulations on the other hand.

In the COVID-19 context, the successive lockdowns and the impossibility for the project teams to travel, it has been a real challenge to deliver the system and all associated services. The success has been possible thanks to a full digital interaction and the collaborative spirit and active involvement of both CGX AERO and AVINOR AS teams.

“AVINOR has been working successfully with CGX for the past decade and the cooperation between the two teams has always been the best.

In the latest ADQ related project we are very pleased with how responsive CGX has been in all the project phases, that they have been solution-oriented in discussions and that they have been very quick to deliver newly developed and necessary functionality.

The outcome of the project will help AVINOR to achieve compliance with the national and international regulations” - Says Andreas M. Edvardsen, Head of Aeronautical Information Management.

Project history key figures:

- Since 2009: CGX AERO delivered a Flight Procedure Design solution and an Automated Aeronautical Charting System embedding ESRI middleware.

- 2009 - 2012 : CGX AERO provided remote based support for aeronautical charts migration and update in the AIXM-4.5 database driven system.

- December 2019 : AVINOR AS entrusted CGX AERO with the migration of its current Procedure Design and Aeronautical Charting system to a solution based on the AIXM 5.1 aeronautical format even more efficient and compliant with the European regulation ADQ (Aeronautical Data Quality, (EU) 73 / 2010).

- June 2021: successful finalization of UAT (User Acceptance Tests) and associated validation phase of ADQ AIXM 5.1 System

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