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AIM system deployment at Sudanese Civil Aviation Authority

CGX AERO has been selected to participate in the eTOD project launched by the Sudan Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA).

This project consists of the acquisition and delivery of eTOD data (areas 2 and 3) around 4 international airports in Khartoum (HSSK), Port Sudan (HSPN), Nyala (HSNN) and El Obeid (HSOB)

CGX AERO is participating in this project in partnership with French civil aviation services (FRACS) which is accompanying SCAA for the project management and the validation of the deliverables, and a local company (KARARI engineering) specialised in the field of data collection and mapping and responsible for the origination and the data collection.

CGX main missions consisted in:

• System delivery: deploying a web-based eTOD data management platform and procedure around a centralised database. Our system covers the entire data management cycle and guarantees full traceability of all operations performed on the data.

• Supporting SCAA in the implementation of the eTOD regulation through the provision of a draft national regulation and the delivery of several training courses on eTOD basics, data acquisition techniques and data management. In addition, CGX will provide support to SCAA for data verification and validation.

The project started in April 2022. The CGX teams (SWS & ANS) have successfully completed the various deliverables and assignments, the last of which was in September for 5 weeks to install the system (AIM4Flight®, eMAPS® & Data4Flight®), perform the SAT (Site Acceptance Test) and software training. The SAT was successful, and the next challenge will be to accompany the SCAA for the validation and integration of the data in the system.

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