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GéoTITAN® Initial Training

GéoTITAN® Initial Training


Architecture and file management system.
• How to create, open, and organize working maps or studies within the Procedure Design Suite® environment;

Data management:
• How to create, modify, import, update aeronautical data

User interface:
• Use of the mouse, Interface concepts,
• Layer management (hide / Show layers);

Conventional procedure design:
• Concept of information / point / definition,
• Trajectory design with different type of trajectories including: Holding pattern, Racetrack, Segments,
• Missed approach or precision approach,
• Obstacle analysis and OCA computation,
• Complementary tools including: CRM, Circling, MSA,
• Departure trajectories

PBN procedure design:
• Concept of manager and PBN application,
• Definition of waypoints and link with runway and manager,
• Creation of trajectories with the PBN manager;

Additional tools:
• CAD tools for manual design, and Geodesy tools for direct geodesic computation
• Templates tools for conceptual design and design of some trajectories

• Creation and export of procedures,
• Generation of reports,
• Printing;

Data integration:
• Geodesy and coordinate system concepts,
• Management of digital terrain model, vector data, raster data.

15 days

On request

Up to 6


The objective is to provide the trainees with the necessary knowledge and practice to operate the different functionali-ties of the GéoTITAN® procedure design software, and to prepare geographical data using GlobalMapper.


• Knowledge and experience in PANS-OPS procedure design
• Fluent in English or French
• Basic knowledge of Windows operating system (mouse, windows and file usage)

• Geographical and aeronautical data knowledge
• Geodesy and coordinate systems.


Please contact us for any additional information

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