AIP GIS CHARTING® initial Training

AIP GIS CHARTING®  initial Training

• AIP-GIS Charting Overview
• Architecture / Data Models
• User Profiles
• AGC Manager & Data Version (Temporality management)
• Chart Library
• Organization, templates, and charts
• Chart creation
• Check-out / check-in
• Chart creation with cartographical features
• Area of interest
• Exceptions (inclusion & exclusion)
• AGC Carto Manager (Carto feature creation & update)
• Layer definition queries
• Modifying carto features (Chart editing)
• Visual Specifications (Business rules)
• Calculated fields and representations
• Applying Visual Specifications
• Free representations
• IAC Tools
• Specific wizard
• Vertical Profile
• IAC Specific tables
• Chart Layout
• Chart creation and update workflow
• Review of operator workflow for charts creation and update
• Use of the provided ICAO templates

Aerodrome Obstacle Charts Course

Surfaces generation for Type A chart
Type A chart profile component
Surfaces generation for Type B chart
Type A and B Templates configuration


The objective is to provide to the attendees the necessary knowledge to handle AIP-GIS Charting® product and its extensions.


• Data4Flight® training attended
• Geographical and aeronautical data knowledge

Estimated time

10 days


On request


Up to 6