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SCAA experts refresher training course

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

In the framework of the Airspace design maintenance program between CGX AERO and the Sudan Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA), CGX AERO is pleased to welcome 5 experts from SCAA an our Toulouse premises. Two-weeks of On the Job and refresher training course dedicated to :

  • Aeronautical data processing and quality assessment (import/export)

  • Draft Aeronautical charts creation

  • Instrument Flight procedures ARINC 424 coding

  • Airspace design (en-route and airspace data design)

  • OJT on SCAA data

Despite the health situation and the difficulty to travel, CGX AERO and SCAA together succeeded to maintain the session as a classroom-based course so that CGX AERO can bring as close support as possible to Sudan Civil Aviation authority team . Obviously, the training session is carried out in compliance with France health standards and barrier gestures.

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