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eTOD Projects

Transforming Aeronautical Data Management:
CGX AERO's Role in Global eTOD Projects

Regulatory Compliance in Aviation: Strategies and Costs

The recent regulatory developments and the ongoing and consequential transformation of requirements, methods, and available technological means are leading to a growing need for increasingly connected, interoperable, and agile systems and solutions. CGX AERO and its longstanding partners are inherently committed to a logic of technical and operational support, allowing the convergence of increasingly demanding regulatory compliance and the need for ever more efficient operational performance.

However, a crucial consideration arises as aeronautical entities fight with the imperative to comply with regulatory developments. This adherence to compliance, while essential, introduces a notable difficulty: the associated financial costs. Achieving equilibrium between meeting regulatory requirements and operating within constrained budgets presents a tough challenge for these entities, introducing an additional layer of complexity to their operational milieu. The financial constraint worsens the challenge, necessitating the implementation of strategic solutions to effectively navigate the confluence of compliance and budgetary limitations.


The implementation of eTOD addresses this pressing need by providing a robust framework that ensures adherence to compliance requirements. Whether it be industry-specific protocols, data protection laws, or occupational safety standards, navigating the complex landscape of regulations becomes seamless with the empowerment of eTOD by CGX AERO.

With over 15 years of active participation in standardization and best practices development within the Eurocontrol eTOD guidance working group, engagement in AIXM change control Board activities, extensive experience in flight procedure design and PBN implementation, as well as offering AIS-TO-AIM transition services and automated solution delivery, CGX AERO has cultivated a well-established and acknowledged expertise. Our team excels in supporting our customers in the implementation of robust, agile, and operational data origination, as well as eTOD implementation projects, such as the ASECNA eTOD project.

eTOD screenshot

Data Supply and Validation

Leveraging our internal expertise and a network of specialized partners, CGX AERO excels in collecting source data for eTOD, including satellite imagery, aerial photographs, and ground surveys. Our expert methodology ensures compliance with ICAO Annexes 14 and 15, ICAO Doc 10066 (PANS-AIM), EUROCONTROL's eTOD manual, and ED-99 specifications.

CGX AERO advocates for a collaborative approach between its experts and the client team to ensure the successful completion of the global project. Thus, the global process of CGX AERO methodology for data collection consists of 5 well-defined steps:

Primary Elements

  • Expert generation and validation of eTOD and AMDB datasets

  • Metadata association in compliance with ICAO Annex 15 and PANS-AIM

  • Interoperability with AIXM 5 standard

  • Production of digital dataset in compliance with Eurocontrol specifications

  • Reinjection of datasets into AIM for impact studies on flight procedures and aeronautical charts

  • Knowledge transfer and training : supporting National eTOD policy set-up and knowledge dissemination

eTOD data production steps.png

Associated Software Tools

CGX AERO boasts a suite of software products crucial for eTOD and AMDB data generation, verification, and validation. Our offerings include a web-based collaborative platform, automatic data verification tools with configurable business rules, traceability features, obstacle impact analysis tools, AMDB maintenance, and interoperability with major aeronautical and geographical standards.

Key Components

  • AIM4Flight®: Web-based collaborative eTOD/AMDB data management platform

  • Data4Flight®: Automated data verification tools with configurable business rules

  • eMAPS®: Obstacles evaluation solution

  • Compliance to regulations

    • ICAO AIS to AIM transition management

    • ICAO Annex 15 and PANS-AIM compliance

    • Eurocontrol Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ) compliance

ScreenShot AIM4Flight(r)
ScreenShot AIM4Flight(r)

CGX AERO Partners

We engage in collaborative efforts with longstanding partners, leveraging their expertise to access optimal resources for fulfilling various aspects of an eTOD project.

 Our team developed a solid know-how in managing processing various sources of data to enhance the production of eTOD and AMDB data on case-by-case  approach.

Different sensors and collection vectors are available such as:

  • Satellites imagery including Pléiades, Pléiades Neo, SPOT, TerraSAR-X

  • Aerial survey aircraft, drone:  Lidar, Aerial photography

  • Ground survey : Total GPS Station, Laser 3D scanner

  • Monitoring and update : Tailored Advanced solution to monitor obstacles evolution is also available as subscription for a defined area as a charge detection and a safety net for the airport environment monitoring.

Logo STI

STI / TDIS : en experienced partner

Founded in 1994, STI Société Topographie Informatique specializes in topography, photogrammetry, and airborne laser scanning for airport projects. With 25 years of expertise, STI holds contracts for topography and aerial photogrammetry for major airports in Paris, DGAC (France), and ANA (Luxembourg). The company provides a range of services, including airport site plans, 3D models, Digital Terrain Models (DTM), Digital Surface Models (DSM), obstacle surveys, AMDB mapping, and more.

Tunisian Digital Imagery Surveys (TDIS), a subsidiary of STI, is a leader in the field, undertaking projects both independently and under STI in France (SNCF, local authorities, EDF, Areva) and internationally (Cameroun, Niger, Chad, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Benin).

STI/TDIS specializes in:

  • General Topography: Total station and GPS topography, various-scale plans, layouts, architectural surveys.

  • Laser Scanning: 3D scanner topography, static or mobile 3D scanning, various-scale plans, layouts, architectural surveys.

  • Photogrammetry: Aerial photography by plane or drone, 3D models, DTM, DSM, contour lines, orthophotomosaic.

  • Cartography and GIS: 2D digitization, cartographic editing, GIS application development, GeoCatalogue development.

  • Airborne LIDAR: Data acquisition, processing and classification of point clouds, DTM, DSM, contour lines.

  • BIM (Build Information Modeling): 3D digital models from point clouds or 3D plans.

3D plans
3D plans
3D plans

With its extensive experience in airport-related projects, including eTOD-compliant obstacle surveys, STI/TDIS emerges as the ideal partner for any eTOD (electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data) initiative.

Beyond eTOD

Choosing the CGX AERO methodology for data acquisition proves to be a highly cost-effective decision. This methodology offers a unique chance to centralize both data acquisition efforts and associated costs, resulting in a harmonized dataset that fulfills diverse airport requirements.

Beyond just eTOD AOI, the benefits extend to airport operations AOI, airport mapping AOI, and procedure design AOI. This strategic approach not only optimizes cost-efficiency but also ensures uniform and comprehensive data coverage across various airport domains. By leveraging this methodology, airports can achieve significant savings while simultaneously enhancing the consistency and reliability of data for a broad spectrum of operational needs

eTOD sketch from the top
eTOD sketch from the side
eTOD sketch legend

Noteworthy Global eTOD Project for GISTDA

Engaging in a successful collaboration with GISTDA (Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency) on the eTOD project since 2019, we responded to their expressed needs and objectives :

  1. Secure Annex 15-Compliant ETOD Areas for Thailand

  2. Dynamic Revision of Thailand's ETOD Areas Data

  3. Enhance Accessibility of ETOD Areas Data

  4. Empower GISTDA Personnel through Technical and Knowledge Transfer

Our collaboration with GISTDA underscores a commitment to advancing aviation safety and efficiency in Thailand through the strategic implementation of ETOD.

Our ability to meet project requirements was achieved through the implementation of our eTOD Data collection methodology. Utilizing advanced equipment, including LiDAR, satellites Pleiades 1aa & 1B, and ground surveys, we employed professional tools such as 30 GPS receivers and topographic equipment. This comprehensive approach allowed us to identify discrepancies in the AIP, ensuring accurate data collection and analysis.

For example, 19R APCH / 01L TKOF was declared as not penetrated in the AIP, when our analysis showed that surfaces were penetrated by roads and buildings in that area.


In the VTSG case, an issue arose with a single obstacle declared in AIP AD2.10, and no Type A chart was available. A land survey identified a 400-meter lateral disparity for an obstacle outside area 2a2b. Imagery revealed the AIP position was incorrect, and the obstacle extended beyond the OLS.

These instances illustrate the necessity of possessing a homogeneous and validated dataset. CGX AERO eTOD not only facilitates compliance with aeronautical requirements but also acts as a proactive measure, preventing future errors to ensure safety and efficiency. This dual benefit contributes significantly to cost savings in future projects.

obstacle imagery

Today, CGX AERO celebrates the successful culmination of Data Originator projects in ERBIL, Kosovo, and Sudan, along with various other projects. We take pride in the granted trust by these countries / airports and look forward to fostering continued successful partnerships with them and others in the future.

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