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Implementation of Minima Baro-VNAV at Orléans Loire airport!

Orléans Loire-Valley Airport is complying with the requirements of the European IR-PBN regulation, adding Baro-VNAV minima on its two RNP procedures. The charts are published on the AIS website since 23 February 2023. This latest revision of the RNP approaches was also the occasion to update the NDB procedure RWY23 by adding minima for category C aircraft.

This publication is a new step in the collaboration between Orléans Loire-Valley Airport and CGX AERO for the design of RNP approach procedures. The story began in 2009 with the implementation of LNAV procedures, joined two years later by LPV minima to favour the activity of business aviation, which is particularly attached to this type of navigation.

An important step in the airport's development project was the construction of an approach ramp and a shift in the threshold of runway 23. In close synchronisation, the RNP procedure was revised to take account of this change in threshold and to lower the LPV minima below 250ft thanks to the switch to precision approach certification.

These successive improvements were carried out thanks in particular to the maintenance contract in place since 2014 and to the continuous exchanges between the airport and CGX AERO. This close coordination has allowed us to build a very strong relationship of trust between CGX AERO and Orléans Airport. We are proud of this successful collaboration, and not the only one.

A special thanks to airport of Orleans team for their trust.

Other AFIS aerodrome operators are working with CGX AERO and others are in the process of joining the instrument flight procedures maintenance service offered by CGX AERO

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