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Flight Procedure Design for International Airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina

CGX AERO is proud to announce that the state-owned #BHANSA - Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency has selected our consortium, partnered with #TE2C and #ECOPLAN, for the procurement of flight procedure design services, both conventional and satellite-based, for the international airports of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Considering the challenging environment around the Bosnian airports, BHANSA has commissioned our Consortium to design 34 instrument flight procedures, mostly relying on Performance Based Navigation (PBN) which incorporate modern satellite navigation technology, including RNP-AR trajectories where RNP-APCH could not provide efficient solution for airport accessibility.

BHANSA selected our Consortium based on our ability to provide the full spectrum of flight paths design solutions, our extended experience of IFP design in challenging environment and our capacity to develop both RNP-APCH approach (including LPV, LNAV-VNAV and LNAV minima) and RNP-AR.

The project will be led by TE2C, an affirmed Italian Consulting firm specialized in airport and airspace planning and design.

Ecoplan, the local partner headquartered in Mostar, will ensure the permanent liaison with BHANSA, by monitoring the execution of the contract, envisaged to be completed in three years.

The first batch of airports will focus on Mostar and Tuzla, then be completed with Banja Luka and Sarajevo. This ambitious project shall significantly improve the accessibility of the four international airports of Bosnia while providing safer trajectories and more efficient solutions.

This journey with BHANSA has just started and the upcoming months will for sure provide all the stakeholders with rich discussions and outcomes.

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