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CGX AERO laureates of the State Innovation Competitions #iNov

🏆 We are very proud to announce that we are laureates of the #iNov part of the State Innovation Competitions 💪

On the occasion of this 9th edition, 53 innovative winning projects will be supported by the French State via #France2030 for a total amount of aid of €56.3M.

Winner of the theme “Digital and Deeptech”, the SmartHubPort project by CGX AERO aims to develop a smart and agile software platform to support the digital transformation of the airport, leveraging its development as a hub for sustainable mobility, secured and optimized economic development (information, land use, etc.). Satellite data (observation, exchanges of information, impact assessment, etc.), new aerial vectors/drones capabilities and technologies for image processing, datamining and "smart contracts" will support the challenges related to current and future environmental (emissions, nuisances), societal and economic (safety, optimization, VTOL operations, etc.) field of an airport platform and its regional area of interest.

The i-Nov innovation competition aims to select projects with particularly strong potential for the French economy, which can claim a global scale!

➕ Discover the details of all the winning projects here 👉

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