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Data4Flight® On The Job Training


About the course


The objective is to assist the users designing their first real procedures with the software, to help them gain confidence, autonomy and efficiency.
This training is in the form of additional training in real operational situation (On the Job Training).


The users, who have just attended successfully the initial training course where they learn the concepts and functionalities of the software, through training exercises, put this knowledge in practice by designing actual procedures with their own data and operational scenarios.
The trainer monitors their work, gives refresher training or more detailed explanation on some functionalities when needed, helps the users organize their job, understand operational difficulties and solve them with the software.
The actual work is done by the final users, under the supervision of the trainer, who is there to answer question and suggest better solutions or methodology if needed.

Topics are decided during the course, depending on the operational situations studied by the final users.

Estimated time
10 day(s)

On request

Knowledge and experience in PANS-OPS procedure design and management of aeronautical data
Fluent in English or French
Basic knowledge of Windows operating system (mouse, windows and file usage)
Trainees should have followed the Data4Flight initial training course

Up to 6