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Chart4Flight® Course


About the course


The objective is to provide to the attendees the necessary knowledge to handle Chart4Flight®, which is an extension of Data4Flight®. The attendees will be able to create aeronautical charts according to ICAO Annex 4, ICAO Annex 15 and ICAO doc 8697.


As an introduction, the course begins with a presentation of the Chart4Flight® extension and its integration within Data4Flight®.

The course is then focused on the handling of Chart4Flight® thanks to several presentations, on live demo and guided exercises. The attendees will learn the following items:

• Chart4Flight® Main Features
• Chart4Flight® Annotations
• Chart4Flight® Layout:
Main Functionalities
Static Elements
Dynamic Elements
• Chart4Flight® Chart Library
Main functionalities
Templates creation/customization
Charts creation and modification

Estimated time
2 day(s)

On request

Data4Flight® training attended
Geographical and aeronautical data knowledge

Up to 6